Backend Shop Management

Manage your shop with ease with our intuitive back end systems. Light wieght and simple, we've made it easy to mabage order & products in one simple layout.

Intuitive shop dashboard, built for ease of use

Nothing over complicated to see here, our systems are lightweight and easy to look at. Just what you need to get the job done. Everything in our interface is streamlined and built with VUE.js. Choose between Light mode or dark mode.

Integrated Joomla Custom Fields

All Joomla 4 custom fields assigned to a product category show in your product detail. Easily add custom fields details from your product details pages. This information is then available in our dynamic content sources.

Product Variant / Checkbox Option templates

Create and apply tempaltes of checkbox options and product variants across as many products as you need or just one.

Scalable Catalog

Manage your entire product catalog within the CommerceLab Shop control panel. You can easily handle thousands of products without sacraficing speed.

Multilingual Customer Emails

Make Pending, shipped, confirmed, Thank you emails in one language or many. Send emails to your customers from the users dashboard.

Discount Codes

Create as many dicounts as you want, assign them to users or for a certain amount of time.

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